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Tips For Living With Your Pet In An Apartment

Tips For Living With Your Pet In An Apartment

Tips For Living With Your Pet In An Apartment

Moving to an apartment for the first time? Then you may be concerned about how your pet will do in your new place. Don’t worry! Apartment life is just fine for dogs and cats - as long as you make the right preparations. Below, we’ll show you how to best enjoy your apartment with dogs and cats!

1. Arrange Your Apartment To Meet Your Pet’s Needs

Moving can be stressful. Between packing and unpacking, there are a lot of things you need to do to make your move go smoothly. Yet, you may have overlooked one pretty big factor: how to make your new apartment a welcoming place for your pet.

You’re not the only one who has to get accustomed to their new surroundings. Your pets aren’t familiar with their new apartment, either. So it’s your responsibility to make them feel right at home. You can easily accomplish this goal with a few adjustments to your apartment and some extra accessories. When you’re arranging your new apartment’s floor plan, don’t forget to make it acceptable to your furry friends, too. Make sure your pets have everything they need to relax, play, and eat during their day. The Vintage has spacious 1- and 2-bedroom apartment units for you to choose from, make sure you check current availability and schedule a tour. 

To make your dog feel more comfortable, place pet beds in the places you spend the most time, such as the living room, office space, and bedroom. That way they can be with you throughout the day and also rest up when you’re not at home.

Cats love to spend their time near the windows. Why? They can do three of their favorite things there: soak up the sun, watch birds, and sleep. Make it more comfortable for them by placing cat trees in multiple windows.

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll have to schedule a time during the day and evening for walks. However, if you’re a cat owner, you’ll just have to keep your cat's litter box clean and filled with fresh litter. Also, you’ll want to make sure you have enough litter boxes to accommodate all of your kitties.

Just like people, dogs and cats are prone to boredom. To keep them active, be sure to stock up on lots of toys to keep them entertained - especially when you’re not home.

Cats are crazy about toys with feathers, jingle bells, or are filled with tantalizing catnip. Dogs love toys that they can chew, chomp and carry around with them. Keeping them entertained with plush toys, chew bones and other toys will keep them happy.

If you’re thinking of adding some greenery to your apartment, remember to only use plants and flowers that are safe for your pets.

By following this info, you’ll make your apartment the perfect place for your pets.

2. Spend Some Time Outdoors With Your Dog

Cats are quite happy to stay indoors. They love ruling their homes. On the other hand, dogs love to spend time outside. After all, the outdoors is where they have to go to do their business. But it’s also where they need to go to burn off all that energy they store up. Schedule some time each day for quick walks and playtime. Then on the weekend, take some extra time to really let them run and play in the on-site dog park at The Vintage apartments.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Tucson

Living in an apartment with dogs and cats is possible. As long as your account for their specific needs. The Vintage Apartments are pleased to welcome dogs and cats to our community. Check out the apartment and community amenities we offer at the property that make your pets feel as comfortable as you will.

Our pet-friendly apartments allow up to two cats or dogs per household. In addition to a one-time pet fee and a deposit, there is also a monthly pet fee. No pets over 80 lbs are permitted and certain dog breed restrictions do apply. Please call our office for more details

To schedule a tour of our pet-friendly apartments in Tucson, please contact our leasing specialists today!